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30+ Years of Diverse Experience

to Help your Business Grow Today

During her 30+ years’ working around the world in both High-Tech and Service Industries, Dori has developed unique ways to improve sales and marketing results by creating customized powerful and practical tools that make an immediate impact.

Her recently published guide for successful meetings is a result of her experience facilitating and participating in thousands of meetings in over sixty countries with hundreds of different companies; both global conglomerates and start-ups.  

In addition to holding positions in Sales and as VP Marketing and Marketing Consultant Dori has formal education in Marketing, Social Work, NLP Trainer Level, Coaching, SPIN, TAS, TOC. She speaks several  languages and has spoken at numerous professional conferences around the world.

Dori is always looking for practical ways to be more efficient while balancing a diverse and full lifestyle that includes many interests – foremost her family. She is an avid folk-dancer and understands the importance of knowing the steps and the flow of the dance. She loves helping businesses find the steps they need to flow towards their goals.

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