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MDMax, Amazon

A common sense book about a subject we don't think about enough. As a project management consultant, I know the key is defining your objective and planning. Ms. Sella elaborates on this by telling you how to think about planning and how to do it simply. She outlines step-by-step guidelines, and includes a wonderful online bundle of worksheets to help you along. Think of the increase in productivity if meetings were run this efficiently.

Jonathan Wald, Amazon

Despite the fact that usually I am not in favor of the specific genre  I found the book interesting, flowing, clear and even thrilling due to the bright examples that shed light on the topics. 6 steps (check list) that are essential for the success of any human interaction.

Janalyn, Goodreads

This book contains so many great ideas that can be applied to interactions of all kinds, not just business meetings. Some of the tips given seem like common sense to some but just  aren't widely practiced.

Grow your business * Close more deals * Advance your career

Business Meetings That Work; 6 Steps to Increase Productivity is a powerful and practical guide for anyone who wants to influence others to take an action.


Top sales and business people know that to stand out, they need to be well prepared and bring real value to every type of meeting including sales calls, job interviews and internal meetings.


So what is the secret to make your next meeting more productive and effective?


Checklists—and your meetings can take flight.


Even the most experienced airplane pilots use checklists at take-off and landing. This works in business as well. With The 6-Step Checklist you too can:

  • meet objectives

  • avoid mistakes

  • generate consistent and positive results

  • conduct concise and engaging meetings 


Business Meetings That Work  includes a full meeting-preparation checklist, with helpful worksheets and tips to guide you every step of the way.


Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 days to prepare for your next meeting, this simple yet powerful approach will quickly and effectively make your meetings (and you) more successful.

Dori Sella Business Meetings That Work Book

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