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Workshops & Consultations


Getting Twice the Results in Half the Time - Workshop

If you are in business – you are having business meetings – many different types. Yet statistics show that over $37 Billion in salary are spent in unproductive meetings in US alone. How much time & money are you wasting? 


Top business people know that in order to stand out and be heard, they need to be well prepared and bring real value to every type of meeting. Learn how you can get twice as much done in half the time with a simple 6-step methodology. 

Executive Presence Workshop

Executive Presence is about getting your message across because you have the presence to be listened to - no matter what your role is. 

It's a tailor-made workshop to teach What is Executive Presence, Why it's important and How to develop Executive Presence in any situation.

Filled with exercises and examples on Do's and Don't's.  Modular for different size groups.

Sales Acceleration Workshops

Tailor-Made to make a difference -  Workshops for Sales Teams selling B2B solutions in competitive markets.

Sample Topics: Working with Partners, Understanding Value Proposition, Win Analysis, Preparing for Meetings.

Schedule a call to find out how you can make an impact in your organization.

Personal Meeting/Interview Preparation

On-line or Face-to-Face coaching to make sure you get the results you want at that All Important Meeting

Investor Pitch? Interview? Complex Customer Meeting? Agent? 

A small investment that can make the difference between success and waste of time. 

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