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You have the answers within you, let's THINK IT THRU

Often times we need a little help - maybe a slight nudge or a different perspective. We might feel stuck or are struggling to create and bring our dreams to fruition. 


Sure we know what to do, yet we lean on old habits and comfort zones that prevent us from moving forward. These patterns stem from our subconscious mind. That's the mind that can’t make choices or judgement calls - the one that just reacts. Tapping into our subconscious mind can enable us to make the changes we want. 

I started my path as a certified social worker before moving into international business for over 30 years. I'm certified as an NLP trainer, personal coach, Lifeline Practitioner and other methodologies, and am now offering consultations to help people overcome daily obstacles and achieve their desires.

You may find yourself wanting to:

  • Upgrade your professional persona

  • Think Thru major decisions

  • Improve quality of work/life balance

  • Reduce stress

These are just a few examples of topics my clients have wanted to work on. You will come with your own. The results of the process reflect where you are when you start and what you want to achieve.

Very specific needs can often be resolved in one meeting. In general, I recommend a series of 5 Zoom or Face-to-Face meetings. 


I'm confident that you will  gain, at the very least, a different outlook - a change in perspective.

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Methodologies & Certifications 

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NLP Trainer
Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP  is a methodology that models outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field. It helps people make changes in their lives by working with our internal "maps" of perception - strengthening what works and changing what doesn't work.


Lifeline Technique®

Certified Practitioner 

The LifeLine Technique® , developed by Dr. Darren Weissman, is all about raising consciousness and living the life you want. 

The beauty of the lifeline technique is that it combines fourteen different modalities to access the subconscious mind, dissect the symptom, and discover its root cause with laser-like accuracy.

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Points of You®

 & Theta Healing®

Two different modalities

Points of You Cards use  visual stimulus that stimulates the rational and emotional system with a space wide enough for personal interpretation.

Theta Healing  is a meditative  & spiritual method  that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts

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Professional Associations

Professional Associations are about protecting the public and ensuring that their members uphold the highest standards. I'm proud to belong to the Israeli NLP Association, the Israeli Coaching association and the INNLP International NLP association.

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The story behind the logo 

When I was looking for a logo for my business 12 years ago, I knew I wanted a tree. It represents growth and stability. Roots and change. For me, this tree represents the base everyone has. Whether a person or a company, we all have a strong base and the ability to change and flourish. I have different 'color' methodologies to guide along the way.

This philosophy has only gotten stronger as my professional and personal life has developed. 

"Think it Thru" came to me after reading Malcolm Gladwell's book ‘The Outliers’ - where he talks about 10,000 hours of experience to create exceptional excellence.


During a yoga session, where we did 108 Sun Salutations - I realized that I have over 10,000 hours experience helping people "think things thru" - I'm here - ready to guide you to achieve your desires.

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